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Caddman 3D is India's best Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing Center. We provide prototypes to an assortment of industries from jewelry, engineering, automotive, architecture, healthcare, Robotics , automation, consumer goods, etc.

With our diverse range of state-of-the-art equipment 3D printers , 3d scanners, Cad designers , we offer customers complete solutions. With over a decade of Rapid Prototyping & reverse engineering experience, you can rest be assured that Caddman 3D can meet your needs


About Caddman3D

Caddman 3D is the global leader as Digital Manufacturer based in Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Chandigargh & Banglore India. Caddman 3D provides professional prototyping services(3D printing, 3d scanning, reverse engineering etc.) and laser cutting services for on-demand custom production of prototypes/end-products as well as short-run batch manufacturing. Caddman 3D's professional platform enable designers and creators in industries such as healthcare, automotive, aerospace, art and design, and consumer goods, to build innovative products using 3D printing or additive manufacturing technologies that make the world a better and healthier place. Caddman 3D's provides access to a wide range of 3D printable materials, 3d scanning technology, post processed finishes and techniques, as well as designing consultancy for reverse engineering and new product development. Caddman 3D's mission is to help individuals and industries in innovative new product development using rapid prototyping techniques. Our capabilities include 3D Scanning (Blue light), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Stereolithography (SLA), Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) & Vacuum Casting.

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Parem Saran


Shakti Singh Rathore

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