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Bridge manufacturing with 3D printers

Bridge manufacturing with 3D printers

Bridge manufacturing is a stage in product development cycle that falls in between successfully completed prototyping and going into mass production.

Why bridge manufacturing is good for business

Bridge manufacturing enables smooth transition from prototyping to full-scale production.

Bridge manufacturing solves three major problems businesses face when launching a new product

  • Products, at the end of the prototyping stage, have limited or lacking market validation
  • Significant tooling expenses are necessary to set up production lines for those unproven products
  • Once the production lines are set up, the design can’t be changed without time and resource-intensive retooling

Flexible manufacturing

A cluster of 3D printers can perform short-run production with no tooling costs.

Market validation

An initial series of a product can be used for market validation.

Generation of revenue

Fully-functional 3D printed products can be sold to customers to generate income.

No retooling

Once one product reaches the mass manufacturing stage, 3D printers can start producing the next one.