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3D printers in education

3D printers in education

3D printing farms can be used for on-demand manufacturing of highly customized goods.

How 3D printing supports educators

A student working with 3D printed educational aids.

Educators face three major challenges in their work

  • Skills sought after in the job market evolve faster than their curriculums
  • Customized educational aids are expensive and take a long time to fabricate
  • Shortages in educational aids or equipment lead to lower pass rates

Tailored educational aids

3D printers can print almost all shapes, so educational aids can be designed specifically for a given curriculum.

Predictable costs

Models of different designs can be fabricated at a steady price in a predictable time.

Creative freedom

Engineering students can use 3D printers to build physical models of their own design and interact with them.

Higher pass rates

3D printers make it possible to offer sets of educational aids to each individual student which increases the pass rates.