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Production line support with 3D printers

Production line support with 3D printers

Large manufacturing plants increasingly use 3D printers for in-house fabrication of jigs, fixtures, and other production line support consumables.

How 3D printing supports traditional production lines

A customized jig 3D printed in-house at a manufacturing plant.

Production managers face three major challenges in keeping their operation costs low

  • Production line support consumables are relatively expensive
  • Large quantities of such consumables have to be kept on stock
  • Customized jigs and fixtures take a lot of time to fabricate

Cutting costs

3D printers can print consumables like rubber robotic arm grippers at a fraction of their market price.

In-house fabrication

Jigs, fixtures, and other consumables can be 3D printed on the spot when they are needed.

Customized parts

It’s possible to 3D print one-off parts designed for specific applications at specific production plants.

Reducing storage

Production line consumables can be 3D printed on an on-demand basis and don’t need to be held on stock.