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Architecture modeling with 3D printers

Architecture modeling with 3D printers

3D printers are versatile tools used to create highly accurate scale models and mock-ups.

How 3D printing improves architecture modeling:

3D printed apartment cross-section.

Businesses face three major challenges in building architectural mock-ups and scale models

  • Balance accuracy and production time
  • Ensure repeatability of results
  • Achieve superior aesthetics

Streamlined process

A 3D printer can fabricate a scale model of a proposed structure based on a CAD design which is usually available at this stage of creative process in architecture.

Results repeatability

Unlike human model makers, a 3D printer relies on technology rather than craftsmanship which leads to almost perfectly repeatable results.

Superior precision

Model making in architecture requires utmost precision down to tenths of a millimeter. Desktop 3D printers can easily achieve that level of dimensional accuracy.

Ease of use

A 3D plug & play printer can be operated by anyone at the office. There is no need for extensive training or engineering expertise.