Resin 3D printing
in consumer electronics



Precise resin 3D printers become more and more integrated into product development processes in consumer electronics. They are efficient prototyping and production tools that can produce shapes unattainable with injection molding technology which designers can use to make truly innovative devices.

Why thousands of businesses use resin 3D printers in consumer electronics


In modern consumer electronics utility is just as important as captivating design. Resin 3D printers can help achieve both. Their speed and precision allow to cost-effectively iterate through multiple concepts util the perfect balance of form and function is reached. And then they can be used for manufacturing the first short series of fully functional products to bridge the gap between the prototyping stage and going into mass production.

Rapid prototyping


Resin 3D printers allow to cost-effectively go through multiple iterations of a prototype to achieve the optimal design.

Detailed designs


Being surgically precise, resin 3D printers can rapidly print very small, complex parts commonly used in professional electronics.

Economics behind

Making prototypes internally instead of outsourcing it to third-party manufacturers saves time, money, and contributes to better intellectual property protection.

Business communications

Quality of prototypes produced with resin 3D printers is on par with injection molded products. They can be used to communicate product ideas to potential investors or influencers.