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Flexible manufacturing with 3D printers

Flexible manufacturing with 3D printers

3D printing farms can be used for on-demand manufacturing of highly customized goods.

Why flexible manufacturing is good for business

A short series of computer fan covers that has been made on a 3D printer.

Flexible manufacturing is an answer to three major challenges businesses face in production of customized goods

  • Traditional manufacturing techniques are cost-efficient only in mass production of uniformly designed items
  • One-off products made on order are price-prohibitive for the vast majority of potential customers
  • Highly customized products take a lot of time to make, so delayed delivery diminishes customer experience

Customer participation

Customers can participate in the early design stage to ensure the final product will meet their requirements which is important in both B2C and B2B scenarios.

Short lead times

3D printers can fabricate all kinds of products without retooling, so the production can start immediately after the design has been agreed upon.

Mass customization

Each machine in a large cluster of 3D printers can work on an entirely different product, so customized goods can be offered to mass audience.

No costs of storage

Flexible manufacturing can work on the on-demand basis, so there is no need to bear the costs of holding an excessive inventory.