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3D printers in jewelry casting

3D printers in jewelry casting

Precise resin 3D printers are used by jewelers to speed up and automate a traditional investment casting process.

How 3D printers improve jewelry casting

A jewelry piece casted with a 3D printed investment pattern.

Jewelers face three major challenges in their work

  • Customers expect their jewelry to have exclusive look and feel
  • Traditional jewelry making techniques are time-consuming and hard to master
  • Each change in the design requires a new investment pattern

Simpler workflow


An entire jewelry casting tree can be 3D printed in a matter of hours with no need for a traditional, multi-stage assembly process.

Less human labor


A resin 3D printer can produce multiple jewelry casting trees in a single day making the process less labor-intensive and more cost-efficient.

Intricate details

Desktop resin 3D printers can work with microscopic precision, so small yet intricate features can be included in jewelry designs.

Easy implementation

High quality castable resins have physical properties nearly identical to wax, so they can be processed with the same set of tools and used with the same investments.