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Rapid prototyping with 3D printers

Rapid prototyping with 3D printers

3D printing has been invented to rapidly fabricate physical models based on CAD designs.

Why rapid prototyping is good for business

3D printed motorcycle gauges.

Rapid prototyping is an answer to three major challenges businesses face in product development

  • Iterating through multiple version of a design takes a lot of time and resources
  • Outsourcing fabrication of prototypes comes with a risk of having the design leaked
  • Using traditional manufacturing technologies for prototyping lengthen the time to market

No lead times


R&D staff can iterate through different designs rapidly which make their work more efficient.

In-house fabrication

Prototypes are made entirely in-house which contributes to better intellectual property protection.

Short time to market

Fast and efficient prototyping stage leads to shorter time to market, so a new product can bring in revenue sooner.

Limitless design

3D printing is capable of producing shapes impossible to make with traditional manufacturing techniques.