Motorbike with 3D Printing

Developing a Motorbike with 3D Printing

The automotive sector is constantly looking for more eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional methods of transportation due to growing concerns over climate change and global warming. The issue that is most difficult to overcome is the economics of the endeavor, however with the right combination of engineering ingenuity and additive manufacturing technologies we might find some progress in this department as well. Such progress has already been made by an Indian designer, Parveen Nigania, who decided to create a green and economical urban transportation solution in the form of an electric motorbike.
Motorbike with 3D Printing
A number of modern technologies, including 3D printing, played a pivotal role in bringing his idea to life, which included creating a green bike prototype that would convince potential investors and obtain funding for the project. The motorbike has been developed in two stages. The first involved developing the final version and patenting it. The necessary opinions and funding had to be obtained, too. This took almost two years. The second stage involved creating a fully functioning prototype. Having a physical and tangible model of a project is very important for start-ups in the e-mobility sector; it helps them add a great amount of credibility to futuristic projects in the eyes of investors.

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